Complete your MBBS from world’s reputed university in Tajikistan

Once upon a time Tajikistan was the part of USSR but now it is a separate country with low density of population. It is the landlocked country of Asia and natives of this country are generally from Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. Now the country has its own constitution and it is one of the most advanced and peaceful countries of central Asia. The country has beautiful lakes like Kayrakum (Qairoqqum) Reservoir, Iskanderkul (Fann Mountains), Kulikalon (Kul-i Kalon) (Fann Mountains), Nurek Reservoir, Karakul, Sarez, Shadau Lake, and Zorkul. The country’s total area consists almost 2% of lakes and you can view beautiful landscapes everywhere.

When we talk about education you can find several colleges and universities in the country offering education in different disciplines. However, out of several colleges and universities Avicenna Tajik State Medical University is the most famous university of the country. The university offers education medical science and other health care services and looking at the popularity of the university and level education it is providing students come here for higher studies not only from developing nations of Asia and Africa. The different colleges and universities of the country you can find world renowned faculties’ specialist in offering classes to MBBS students.

Avicenna Tajik State Medical University

Avicenna Tajik State Medical University is one of the oldest and world’s recognized university of Tajikistan. The university is well equipped with all the facilities that are required for peaceful and for offering result oriented courses to the students coming here for studies. The university was established in 1939 and since then it is successfully producing best doctors practicing in world reputed hospitals and clinics. The university offer six years of training program in MBBS in which students get practical as well as theoretical lessons. Till date the university has successfully completed many research and development projects in the field of medical science for which the university not only got appreciation in the country but also across the world. Let us know more about Avicenna Tajik State Medical University.

Facilities to students

For students the university has made special arrangement in labs where they can do practical’s of whatever they have studied in the classes. Further, all the classroom has been designed in such a manner so that each student can feel comfortable and easily grasp whatever taught in each class. Thus, you will never find any hassle in the university while pursing MBBS classes.

Accommodated huge number of students

Since the university is the oldest universities of Tajikistan; therefore, it can accommodate huge number of students who want to shape their career in medical science. However, for getting admission in this university you have work hard and keep sharp mind as you have to qualify entrance test.

Special arrangement for foreign students

In the university every year several students from foreign origin get admission. Looking at these special arrangements is made for them. The university serve them good food and also offer hostel facilities. Thus, if you are foreign student you will always love to study in this institution.

Study in Georgia’s Best MBBS Universities for Getting Bright Future

Georgia is the small country located in Eurasia part of the world as eastern region of the country falls in Asia and western region of country is in Europe. Like any other developed nation Georgia is also developed country. The population density of country is very low still the country is famous across the world because of its top rated medical colleges. In this country you can complete you MBBS in very low budget like nowhere else in the world; therefore, the country is becoming favored place for all medical aspirants looking for forward for best studies in medical science. Once, you will get admission in the medical colleges of Georgia you will be able to practice across the world without any hassle as the country has top rated medical universities, which are recognized across the world.

In this Eurasian country you will always find peaceful atmosphere that is required for student who are coming here for completing MBBS courses. There are several universities in the country, which can offer you best curses in MBBS. In almost every university you will find best course of MBBS, which will help you in shaping your career in right direction. Further, the local people of the city are friendly and offer high end hospitality to different students. Thus, you have all the facilities in case you want to get perfect MBBS training in Georgia.

European University Georgia

Caucasus University is the most popular European University in Georgia. Although university is privately owned still there are many students who purse MBBS course from this university. The university is offering world’s best doctors since 2004 and in this university student come for completing MBBS in Georgia or Europe but also from different developing as well as developed nations. Along with MBBS courses the university also offers different courses, which makes it more popular and looking at these aspects students from different corners of world wish to get admission in this university. The university has everything that is required for providing ideal study environment to students.

New Vision University

New Vision University is another most popular university of Georgia, which is famous across the world as it offers education in MBBS. The university has most experienced and world famous faculties known for producing best doctors. Along with MBBS courses the university also offers other courses related to health care services. At present in this university students from Georgia as well as students from different corners of world getting education in medical science and show their excellence worldwide. However, in order to get entry in the university you have to qualify several tests, which an ordinary student cannot do.

Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University

Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University is one of the oldest universities of Georgia established in 1893. From the time of inception the university is offer best MBBS courses and also have research and development department, which offer great opportunity to students who study here. If you are looking for best place completing MBBS this university will be prove best to you.

Study in Top Rated Universities of Russia

MBBS in Russia

Russia is the world’s largest country as well as most developed nation. As we know since the country covers largest land space in world; therefore, some of its part are there and other in Asia. Although the country is famous for many things but when it comes get medical education the country offers great opportunity to people living across the world as it has world’s reputed medical colleges in which you can best facilities. The medical colleges of the country not offer theoretical lessons to the students but also emphasize a lot on practical studies. Thus, Russian is swiftly becoming favored choice for all those students who want to shape their career in medicals.

The environment of the country is peaceful for getting better studies as well as you can get best accommodations in the country at much affordable prices. Further, the climate of the country is generally cold and local residents of the country have helping nature and known for offering great hospitality to students coming here for studies. Thus, at any point of time you will never come across any hassle in this wonderful country, if you chose it for medical studies. Let us talk about some of the renowned medical colleges of Russia.

Mordovia State University

Mordovia State University is the most renowned university of Russia for all those students who want to get best medical colleges. The university is in Saransk the most renowned city of the country. In this university students can get hostel facilities as well as if they are not willing to reside in hostels they can also get private accommodation in the city. It is estimated that in the university 28000 foreign students are studying at present as they get best career opportunity from this university. The university is offering full-time, part time, and correspondence course to students.

North Ossetain State Medical Academy

North Ossetain State Medical Academy is one of the oldest universities of Russia where medical studies are offered. The university is known for delivering best medical education and many best doctors come out of university every year. The university is in Vladikavkaz and it was established in 1920. Although the university offers several courses but the prime of education that it delivers are medicals.

Stavropol State Medical University

Stavropol State Medical University is the famous universities of Russia where students from different corners of the world visit for getting higher studies. The university is located in Stavropol, Northern Caucasus.

Ulyanovsk State University

Ulyanovsk State University is also top rated universities in Russia where many student dream to join for higher studies in medical science. The university is located in Ulyanovsk, Russia, which is the place where you can every facility required for getting higher studies.

Voronezh State Medical University

Voronezh State Medical University is one of the oldest as well as famous universities in Russia. The university has record of producing best medical professionals working across the world. The university is in Voronezh, Russia, which most top class cities of the country.

Study MBBS in Top Most Universities of Ukraine

Ukraine is the peaceful as well as developed nation of the world. In past the country was part of Russia but now it is a separate country having its own government. The country has low density of population, which approximately 42 million. The country is leading in education sector and one can find world’s reputed colleges and universities in the country. Further, the country has peaceful atmosphere, which makes it favored choice of students looking for career in MBBS. In the country you can get admission in reputed medical colleges; however, for this you have to qualify entrance tests. Even students from foreign countries visit the country for shaping their bright career in medical science.

The country has moderate temperature in the coastal regions but in northern part the climate always remain cold. Therefore, if you are planning to get admission in Ukraine then you must ensure in which region you are getting admission. Further, if we talk about local people of the country you can always find local people friendly and humble towards students coming from foreign countries. In addition, you can get cheap accommodation in the country where you can avail all kinds of ultra modern amenities. Let us bring light to some of the top rated medical universities of Ukraine.

Zaporozhye State Medical University

Zaporozhye State Medical University is one of the oldest universities of Ukraine. The university is located in the region of Zaporizhia, Ukraine which one of the developed and oldest cities of the country. The university has all the facilities for students coming from foreign countries including hostel facilities, canteen, and other things for recreation of students so that they can study with complete peace of mind.

Ternopil State Medical University

Ternopil State Medical University has record of producing best doctors since 1957. The university is located in Ternopil city of Ukraine where you can get best education in medical science. The city has cosmopolitan culture so that students coming from foreign countries for completing their MBBS can adjust here without coming across any kind of hassle. The university has over 3000 faculties and approximately 1000 students from foreign origin study in one batch.

Odessa National Medical University

Odessa National Medical University is government owned university in Ukraine where thousands of students come from across the world for studying MBBS. The university was founded in year 1900 and till date it is recognized as best university of the country. In this university for foreign students hostel facility is there as well as recreational facilities so that they never feel bore or alone in the university. However, you have to qualify entrance test for getting admission in this university.

Dniepropetrovsk State Medical Academy

Dniepropetrovsk State Medical Academy is having affiliation from the ministry of health of Ukraine. The standard of the university is very high and for getting admission in it students from every country apply every year. However, very few students get golden chance to study in this institution. Thus, if you want complete MBBS you must think about this university.

Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

In Asia lies the beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan. It is located along the same Silk route which traders used years ago to travel from Southern Europe and Middle East to Asia and establish trade relations and cultural heritage with Asia and Europe.

Kyrgyzstan is a roughly cut, hilly area in the Central Asian region It is surrounded by mountains and hills. Thus the region proves to be a good site for medical and research fellowship. One of the very ancient cities in this nation is Osh. This city has very closely evidenced the trade of silk route and establishments of various trade and culture in the country and across the world.

The nation is native to Islamic and Christianity following people. The culture is quite influenced by Russian orthodoxy. Kyrgyz consists the biggest part of nation with 73% of total population alongwith Chinese and Russian consisting 1% and 6% of population. Rest of the population consists of people coming from various other ethnicities. The China is one of the biggest nations near to Kyrgyzstan thus impacting everything greatly in the nation. The native language is Kyrgyz but for communication with outer world Russian is considered best. Foreigner and visitors use it often to communicate with the locals.

Kyrgyzstan is predicted as ancient as 2000 year old. This nation saw several cultures due to reign and fall of various empires however the hilly regions and mountains helped this nation to gain its sovereignty as a nation after getting separation from Soviet Union in 1991. It was during 1920s that Kyrgyzstan saw development in terms of culture and trade. At the same time the nation evolved in education and economy and started emerging making it as a strong nation.

Kyrgyzstan is beautiful and sceneric thus makes a great choice for travellers and locals to explore. Ever since the independence in 1991, the country evidenced amazing growth in educational background and the still developing culture of the nation opens immense opportunities for medical and research. The mountains surrounding the area have plenty of herbs and spices. The nation has local Universities like Osh State Medical University and Kyrgyz State Medical Academy which are established to promote the education.

International School of Medicine is also one of the attractions in the field of education displaying the educational prosperity of the nation.

Although the nation has evidenced immense growth by being the participants of

  • Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), a league of 56 participating states committed to peace, transparency, and the protection of human rights in Eurasia. [1-Wikipedia]
  • The Commonwealth of Independent States
  • The Eurasian Economic Union
  • The Collective Security Treaty Organization
  • The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
  • The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
  • The Turkic Council
  • The Türksoy community
  • The United Nations.

Yet there is enormous potential in the nation to grow and develop more. The cultural diversity need some more stability and synthesis. The help from UN and China will surely play important role in shaping the future of the nation. It would be interesting to see how this beautiful hilly region makes benefit of medicinal value of its mountains with the support of one of the greatest medicine practitioners nation China influencing the nation.

Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

One of the central Asia’s dominant nation is Kazakhstan. It is one of those which has its own democracy which ensures secular rights of its natives. The republic of Kazakhstan is full of diversity with people from various cultures living all together as one. Surrounding nations like Russia and China helps the country to prosper its economic growth. However, nations like Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan make this nation culturally richer with likeness in living style.

The nation is located on hilly regions with canyons, steppe, hills and deltas covering the major land form. Kazakhstan is spread across very large area but it inhabits just 18 million people as per a census in 2014.

Kazakhstan also happens to be one of the largest countries surrounded by land from all sides. It is one of the 49 other countries which are located in a geography where they are surrounded by just land i.e. some other country. It also happens to be one of the nations which has evidenced the evolution of silk route very closely. It is also considered one of the earliest places where horse where tamed. As the saying goes that in ancient history the horse were domesticated at and around steppe regions of central Asia.

Kazakhstan is evolved from Soviet Union and its lot of land was lost to China.

Kazakhstan has a very beautiful climatic surrounding. It has continental climate which usually accounts to very warm weather during summers and very freezing weather during winters. With such an amazing climate the region is abundant and well suited for various plants and animals. This place has several parks and sanctuaries which preserves various endangered species.

Kazakhstan is a unitary democracy where the central government has all the powers. It has 10 big cities which execute only the power delegated by the central government.

Kazakhstan is a member of

  • The Commonwealth of Independent States
  • The Economic Cooperation Organization
  • The Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  • The United Nations, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe,
  • Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council,
  • Turkic Council
  • The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Apart from being a member of various international bodies Kazakhstan is an active participant in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Partnership for Peace program.

The natives of this beautiful country are majorly Kazakhs consisting 63% of total population. The next biggest ethnic group is that of Russian Kazakhs. Comprising of 23.7%. The rest of the nation is inhabited by Uzbeks, Germans and and Ukrainians. With majority of Kazakhs the nation also has Kazakh as native language. Russian is spoken and used as second language nationwide and outside the country. Kazakhstan has cultural diversity with Muslims, Christians and Buddhism followed by major most of the people.

Kazakhstan is a good place with the view of higher education with various universities and academies like South Kazakhstan Medical Academy, West Kazakhstan Medical University, Karaganda State Medical University, Astana Medical University, Kazakh National medical University, Kazakh Russian Medical University, Semey State Medical University and International Kazakh Turkish University.

Country is also good for skills training. Various international bodies are funding the education program for skill education.