Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

One of the central Asia’s dominant nation is Kazakhstan. It is one of those which has its own democracy which ensures secular rights of its natives. The republic of Kazakhstan is full of diversity with people from various cultures living all together as one. Surrounding nations like Russia and China helps the country to prosper its economic growth. However, nations like Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan make this nation culturally richer with likeness in living style.

The nation is located on hilly regions with canyons, steppe, hills and deltas covering the major land form. Kazakhstan is spread across very large area but it inhabits just 18 million people as per a census in 2014.

Kazakhstan also happens to be one of the largest countries surrounded by land from all sides. It is one of the 49 other countries which are located in a geography where they are surrounded by just land i.e. some other country. It also happens to be one of the nations which has evidenced the evolution of silk route very closely. It is also considered one of the earliest places where horse where tamed. As the saying goes that in ancient history the horse were domesticated at and around steppe regions of central Asia.

Kazakhstan is evolved from Soviet Union and its lot of land was lost to China.

Kazakhstan has a very beautiful climatic surrounding. It has continental climate which usually accounts to very warm weather during summers and very freezing weather during winters. With such an amazing climate the region is abundant and well suited for various plants and animals. This place has several parks and sanctuaries which preserves various endangered species.

Kazakhstan is a unitary democracy where the central government has all the powers. It has 10 big cities which execute only the power delegated by the central government.

Kazakhstan is a member of

  • The Commonwealth of Independent States
  • The Economic Cooperation Organization
  • The Shanghai Cooperation Organization
  • The United Nations, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe,
  • Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council,
  • Turkic Council
  • The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Apart from being a member of various international bodies Kazakhstan is an active participant in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Partnership for Peace program.

The natives of this beautiful country are majorly Kazakhs consisting 63% of total population. The next biggest ethnic group is that of Russian Kazakhs. Comprising of 23.7%. The rest of the nation is inhabited by Uzbeks, Germans and and Ukrainians. With majority of Kazakhs the nation also has Kazakh as native language. Russian is spoken and used as second language nationwide and outside the country. Kazakhstan has cultural diversity with Muslims, Christians and Buddhism followed by major most of the people.

Kazakhstan is a good place with the view of higher education with various universities and academies like South Kazakhstan Medical Academy, West Kazakhstan Medical University, Karaganda State Medical University, Astana Medical University, Kazakh National medical University, Kazakh Russian Medical University, Semey State Medical University and International Kazakh Turkish University.

Country is also good for skills training. Various international bodies are funding the education program for skill education.

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