Complete your MBBS from world’s reputed university in Tajikistan

Once upon a time Tajikistan was the part of USSR but now it is a separate country with low density of population. It is the landlocked country of Asia and natives of this country are generally from Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. Now the country has its own constitution and it is one of the most advanced and peaceful countries of central Asia. The country has beautiful lakes like Kayrakum (Qairoqqum) Reservoir, Iskanderkul (Fann Mountains), Kulikalon (Kul-i Kalon) (Fann Mountains), Nurek Reservoir, Karakul, Sarez, Shadau Lake, and Zorkul. The country’s total area consists almost 2% of lakes and you can view beautiful landscapes everywhere.

When we talk about education you can find several colleges and universities in the country offering education in different disciplines. However, out of several colleges and universities Avicenna Tajik State Medical University is the most famous university of the country. The university offers education medical science and other health care services and looking at the popularity of the university and level education it is providing students come here for higher studies not only from developing nations of Asia and Africa. The different colleges and universities of the country you can find world renowned faculties’ specialist in offering classes to MBBS students.

Avicenna Tajik State Medical University

Avicenna Tajik State Medical University is one of the oldest and world’s recognized university of Tajikistan. The university is well equipped with all the facilities that are required for peaceful and for offering result oriented courses to the students coming here for studies. The university was established in 1939 and since then it is successfully producing best doctors practicing in world reputed hospitals and clinics. The university offer six years of training program in MBBS in which students get practical as well as theoretical lessons. Till date the university has successfully completed many research and development projects in the field of medical science for which the university not only got appreciation in the country but also across the world. Let us know more about Avicenna Tajik State Medical University.

Facilities to students

For students the university has made special arrangement in labs where they can do practical’s of whatever they have studied in the classes. Further, all the classroom has been designed in such a manner so that each student can feel comfortable and easily grasp whatever taught in each class. Thus, you will never find any hassle in the university while pursing MBBS classes.

Accommodated huge number of students

Since the university is the oldest universities of Tajikistan; therefore, it can accommodate huge number of students who want to shape their career in medical science. However, for getting admission in this university you have work hard and keep sharp mind as you have to qualify entrance test.

Special arrangement for foreign students

In the university every year several students from foreign origin get admission. Looking at these special arrangements is made for them. The university serve them good food and also offer hostel facilities. Thus, if you are foreign student you will always love to study in this institution.

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