Study MBBS in Kazakhstan in the best Universities

Kazakhstan is the small country of Asia still it is famous across the world because of its culture, swift development in field of medical science, and development in several other niches. The country has moderate temperature but winters are much cold. In order to see the natural beauty of the country several people from the globe visit this country. However, from past one decade due to globalization many students finding the country best for medical studies as it have several renowned medical colleges. Let us talk about some of the famous MBBS universities of Kazakhstan.

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is the most famous universities of world and students who want to complete MBBS the university prove to be best for them. If you are looking at most peaceful place for completing MBBS then you can never find better place than South Kazakhstan Medical Academy.

West Kazakhstan Medical University

West Kazakhstan Medical University is one of the oldest universities of the country, which was founded when the country was in Russia. The university was founded in year 1950 and from the time of inception the university is performing very well. However, for getting admission in the university you must qualify the entrance test.

Karaganda State Medical University

Karaganda State Medical University is also most renowned universities of the country, which was also established in year 1950 and since then you can find the university has provided best results always in the field of medical science. The university is offering MBBS degree as well as it is also providing healthcare services courses to the students came here from different countries.

Astana Medical University

Astana Medical University was established after the country got separated from USSR. Although, it is a new university but it is growing its level of education and infrastructure swiftly. You can find best labs, infrastructure, and best faculties in the university. Due to this reason the university is swiftly becoming favoured choice of students who want to get education in MBBS.

Kazakh National University

Kazakh National University was founded in year 1931. The university is offering different courses in medical science. However the major focus of the university is on MBBS education that it is providing to the students coming from across the world.

Kazakh Russian Medical University

Kazakh Russian Medical University is the university, which was founded when the country was ruled by Russia that can be seen in its name. The university is famous across the world because of its unparallel education in MBBS studies.

Semey State Medical University

Semey State Medical University is the renowned universities of the country. The university is providing rich education in the field of medical science and every year many medical and healthcare professionals come out of the university.

International Kazakh Turkish University

International Kazakh Turkish University is another most recognized university of the country where many students have dream to study MBBS. The university has specialized branch for providing best MBBS courses.

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