Study MBBS in Tajikistan in best university

Tajikistan is an independent country of Asian continent and it is a landlocked country with least density of population. The country was formerly part of USSR but now the country has its own government. Since Tajikistan is a landlocked country and covered with hills and mountains; therefore you can always find fresh and lovely climate in the country. Further, the local people of the country are well educated and show great hospitability to people who are visiting the country for different region. Further, you can find it swiftly developing nation where more emphasis has put on health and education sector.

As far as sights of the country are concerned you can view beautiful lakes like Kayrakum (Qairoqqum) Reservoir, Iskanderkul (Fann Mountains), Kulikalon (Kul-i Kalon) (Fann Mountains), Nurek Reservoir, Karakul, Sarez, Shadau Lake, and Zorkul. The country’s total area consist almost 2% of lakes where you can view beautiful landscapes, which are mind blowing for tourists. As far as educational sector is concerned you can find many reputed universities and colleges in the region of the country. Further, the peaceful political atmosphere also allows easy courses to different students coming here for higher studies. Due to this reason you are find several students coming the country for higher studies and it is cheap to get education for students.

Avicenna Tajik State Medical University

Avicenna Tajik State Medical University is among the famous universities of world offering courses in medical science. The Avicenna Tajik State Medical University was founded in year 1939 and from that time the university is offering best results. The university is having huge campus in which you can always find separate facilities for everything. The university is open for residents of the country as well as it are also ready to welcome foreign students. From the time of inception many new innovation as well as research and development projects were undertaken by the university, which has added golden chapters to it. Let us elaborate the benefits of getting admission in Avicenna Tajik State Medical University.

Best faculties

The university has got best faculties coming from different countries that possess rich experience in offering MBBS in Tajikistan courses to the students. The faculties of the university not only focus on classroom studies but also offer students practical classes so that students can learn to apply whatever taught in the classes.

Best educational atmosphere

For higher studies more than bookish classes and studies you need environment in which you can study well. Avicenna Tajik State Medical University is offering best atmosphere to the students for higher studies. You can find best labs and experiment facilities in the university for learning better and implementing whatever taught in the classes.

Best arrangements for recreation of foreign students

Along with education students also need recreational facilities. This helps in enhancing the grasping power of the students. Looking at this aspect the university has arranged especially recreational facilities. In the university you can find different gaming facility, which refreshes the mind and body of the students.

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