Welcome To Astana Medical University For MBBS in Kazakhstan

Astana Medical University or AMU as popularly known as is a dynamic medical university in the whole of Kazakhstan. The AMU has a reputation of the quality education provider in the medical sphere, which is still rooted in its traditional values of high education to contribute to the development of clinical and medical sciences activities.
It enjoys the rank one of leading medical university in Kazakhstan and is proud of its tie with the leading universities of Russia, United States, Europe, and Singapore. Its high standard education can be verified from the productive and reputable posts that the students get as a career after the completion of the education.
The Astana Medical University comprises of sixty departments which generate four main faculties along with the choices of ten degrees from which the student can choose the one he or she wants to acquire.
The infrastructure of the Astana Medical University is vast as it encompasses five university buildings, a student café, two residential halls, as well as a buffet inside the premises of the university.
The university has been triumphant in passing the certification and scientific accreditation in the year 2009.
Now which aspiring doctor would not want to be the part of such a campus whose main aim is to help human kind find help in terms of their health related issues and problems?
Studying at Astana Medical University will be a highly rewarding experience for the student as he or she will be able to live in the beautiful state of Astana which has its rich history of medicine and other fields which will make the student an all-rounder.
So, if you want to do something important with your life and make a difference in someone else’s life with your knowledge and practice then Astana Medical University is the apt place to develop these skills.
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