Welcome To Karaganda State Medical University For MBBS In Kazakhstan

The apt reflection of the history of the Republic of Kazakhstan can be witnessed in the historical university of Karaganda State Medical University. It is through this university that health and peace was first restored to the country of Kazakhstan.
The Karaganda State Medical University, even in today’s era, continues to write and re-write its historical traditions of high-quality teachings, academic union, practice and science, global recognition and on-going enhancement of specialist training as per the needs of the modern society.
The university was first recognized when it acquired its highest second rank in the General Ranking of the Medical Education Organization of Kazakhstan.
At present, the university implements the training in graduate’s program and master’s along with additional education. The training is given by the staff in three languages, respectively, English, Kazakh, and Russian.
The university encompasses 8,000 learners. The Karaganda state medical University is counted amongst the finest and supreme medical institutes in the country.
The staff that the university comprises of is highly knowledgeable and skilled, there are twenty-two academicians, members of national academy of science, Russian Academy of Natural Science, Academy of Military Science, Academy of Medical Sciences, 122 experts who possess master’s degree, 5 Ph.D. holders, 72 doctors, and 266 applicants of Sciences.
The infrastructure of the university consists of four academic premises, six dormitories, scientific library, and research center, a centre for practical training, academic library, fifty-seven clinical sites, and four hundred and seventy-six bases in order to undertake expert practice. There are also fitness clubs, sports complex and much more.
Along with receiving a quality education to become a doctor, the university also wants its students to have access to all the necessary places and equipment to relax and rejuvenate themselves.
Karaganda State Medical University has also been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 2001 global standards.
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