Welcome To Kazakh National Medical University For MBBS In Kazakhstan

Kazakh National Medical University or KazNMU is a top-rank medical university in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The majority of the leading physicians in the country of Kazakhstan are associated with KazNMU. The University, which is devoted to S.D. Asfendiyarov, delivers standard medical service and education along with current facts in the area of medicine and pharmacy and also exclusive post-diploma learning opportunities to its students.
The priority of KazNMU is encouraging and motivating the university’s students in developing their skills and polishing their competence. In order to ascertain that the goal of the university is attained, the university has a centre of practical skills which comprises of the following units:
 Pharmaceutical centre.
 Dental centre.
 Communication expertise centre.
 Functional and instrumental diagnosis department.
 Emergency medicine centre.
Since 2010, the university has been conveying texts and knowledge to the students in a multilingual manner, in the languages English, Russian and Kazakh.
The professional staff of KazNMU encompasses 1,712 teaching staff, which includes four academicians from the Republic of Kazakhstan Academy of Science, twenty people of preventive medical college and institute of natural science, two representatives from the Russian academy of sciences, and 159 doctors.
The university building consists of seven academic blocks, library, laboratory, two anatomical auditoriums, and testing centres. The 1,000 net books, the prized investment done by the University, are distributed amongst the students for free.
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