Welcome To Semey State Medical University For MBBS In Kazakhstan

Established in 1952, on September 1st, Semey State Medical University has become one of the leading higher medical academic universities in the country of Kazakhstan. The university possesses a teaching hospital of its own, the branches of which widespread to the city of Plavodar.
The number of students with which the university took its course of journey was three hundred and twenty and now there are twenty thousand specialists and doctors from this university itself who have occupied the position of high ranks and are excelling in Kazakhstan as well as internationally in the countries Russia, USA, India, Israel and many more.
The Semey State Medical University is the oldest and is dynamically developing with the modern pace along with its extensive research base. The university is equipped with ultramodern technologies, which is needed in the field of medical academics like free internet connections, electronic voting equipment which is available in the lecture halls and also the videos that are set-up in each and every classroom.
The university provides specialization in the mentioned areas:
 General medicine,
 Stomatology,
 Pharmacy,
 Nursing,
 Public health, and
 Preventive medicine.
The training that is provided in the master’s degree is practically improved through internships that the students are obligated to be a part of in order to polish their skills and gain more knowledge in real-life situations.
The university continuously carries out research and explores the new areas of medical sciences. This way the university exposes their students to the global platform.
The mission and goal of the University are to contribute to the enhancement of the health of Kazakhstan’s population. The university aims to achieve the goal by proving Supreme training and education to the aspiring doctors within the campus.
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We want to help you achieve your goals by getting you into the university that trains its students, not like pupils but professionals.

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