South Kazakh State Medical University

South Kazakh State Medical University is today a foremost higher education medical institution in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It provides specialization in the field of pharmaceutical to its applicants. The University fruitfully passed the certified audit from “National quality assurance Limited” in the year June 2006.
In the year 2011, SKSMU passed official approval in science to participate in a competition of technical and scientific activities. Now, in SKSMU there is a special training centre for students pursuing higher education of medical and pharmaceuticals profile. The main mission of the university is to generate highly qualified specialists for the world on the basis of accomplishments of modern sciences, prepared to become accustomed to changing trends in the pharmaceutical industry by nonstop augmentation of competence and development of original initiatives.
The South Kazakh State Medical University has gained a distinct position of being at the top of the list of best medical universities across the world. The University encompasses more that 11,000 Ph.D. and Medical trainees. The university has a well-known faculty which includes top Doctors and physicians of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Around 1500 faculty members in the SKSMU serve students enrolled in the University with the vision of providing best medical education in MBBS. This number takes account of 200 doctors, 140 professors, 15 literary people who have won state-level prizes, and 500 science candidates.
The South Kazakh State Medical University is constantly developing university in RK, which attempt hard to provide training to their students, to make them proud alumni of SKSMU. Every student will be given personalized interest by the teachers to turn these students into brilliant professionals. The University is keeping up to the roots of its tradition and is flexible to all kind of changes in the field of medical and pharmaceutical industry. The SKSMU offers the opportunity for superior grade training to carry out the researches in order to discover the diverse aspects of medical science. is pioneer in providing solutions for your international study requirements. Our core actions lie in helping students to make the correct decision with regard to pursue medical education in overseas institutions.

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